Armée de l'Air

2017 marks the year when the cooperation between ORAJe and the French Air Force, with the commitment of Colonel Didier Halter, took off. From January, several ORAJe members got involved in this joint project. The main objective of this voluntary initiative is to help teaching the BIA (Aeronautics Initiation Certificate) in French secondary schools and colleges. The intrinsic values to this involvement must promote the French Air Force's influence with companies and allow the Army-Nation link to be maintained among the youth, the main public.


Endorsing this civic duty also allows us to anchor ORAJe within a positive dynamic of external dissemination of our actions and thus enhance the skills of the members acquired during courses sessions. Clarity, knowledge, pedagogy and passion are words that each member has inscribed in his mind to lead towards success in achieving this degree. The excellent success rate of students (and professors) shows the growing interest in aeronautics among young people.


The professors, Julie and Etienne at Melun and Cédric at Charenton, were able, thanks to their companies to adapt their schedules to supervise courses until about mid-May according to their availabilities. To facilitate understanding with superiors, it is important to explain objectives and assets that this action can bring both to oneself and to his company. Knowing how to take your marks, keeping a sense of rigor and truth are skills that will be useful in everyday life as well as in our work. Moreover, training young people necessarily involves companies to boost their image.


Three ORAJe members have brilliantly passed their exams, Cédric and Mohamed for the BIA and Etienne for the CAEA (Certificate of Aptitude for Aeronautical Education), all with mention! It was during the Airman's day organized by Colonel Jean Charles Lenoble, commander of the formation Administrative Air Paris, that Julie, Cédric and Etienne were solemnly decorated to join the rank of second lieutenant in the citizen reserve of the French Air Force.


Congratulations to them and we hope that other ORAJés will come to join them in order to spread passion of aeronautics to the youth. See you in September!


"With the help of ORAJe, 22 students from the Lycée Saint-Aspais in Melun obtained their BIA. Congratulations to them! "

If you would like to join the program, please feel free to write to ORAJe.


Testimony from Frédéric :   

It is a very rewarding experience. My desire is to give again BIA courses after my professional pilot training. This allows us to pass on our passion, to ignite the spark among some young people who are in the middle of questioning about their orientation, as well as to accompany those already motivated. I also find it very interesting to answer technical and professional questions. Not long ago, I was in their place, and I was directed and accompanied. It is important to give back what we have received.

Unatti - Diversit'air


“We at ORAJe are very pleased to participate in a useful and innovative mentoring program to support the professional development of youth who are less employed in some fields of the aerospace industry.”


The ambition of this program called Diversit’Air is to train many more apprentices, in a hard to reach audience and to ensure that they become employed thanks to the help we can bring especially on qualitative upskilling.


During mentoring sessions, mentees will talk with the ORAJe mentors about career choice and management, how to prepare for interviews, strengthen soft skills and keys of success in the workplace.


Diversit’Air is a program which is developed in partnership with AFMAé (l’Association pour la formation aux métiers de l’Aérien), the CFA de l’Aérien (the leading aerospace apprentices’ training center) as well as the JPMorgan Foundation.


How it works: after being trained by Unatti, a firm specialized in mentoring; ORAJe volunteers were paired to selected mentees via platform. Mentors then assist them through informal meetings which takes place once a month for one hour or so, face to face or via video conference.         


The first program was launched in May for 6 months, 9 ORAJe members registered to participate. A second program will be launched in autumn with new mentors and mentees.


Testimony from Etienne:

From a personal point of view, I support a student who trains in order to become station agent on an alternating basis at Air France. This relationship is very enriching, as my mentee has a formation different from mine in an environment which I am passionate about. Moreover I like helping a young person interested in my advice; it’s a great matter of satisfaction for me.


If you would like to join the program, please feel free to write to ORAJe, as Diversit’Air continues to build its pool of mentors.