The contest

Since 1959, USAIRE encourages US, UK and French companies to foster transatlantic cooperation in the community of Civil and Defence Aerospace, Space and High Technologies. Airbus Group, Safran, Rolls-Royce, Raytheon, Dassault Aviation, BAe Systems, Thales and Daher Socata are some of USAIRE Members…


In 2006 has been launched the Student Award, the intent of Michel Dubarry, President of Rolls-Royce international in Europe and North Africa, then President of USAIRE, was to give Students an opportunity to get closer to the Stakeholders of Aerospace Industry”. They are invited to write a paper study on a pre-defined subject related to aerospace (more informations here). Several prizes may be won each year by the students who present the best papers, each of these prizes being granted by a different sponsor (Airfares, visit of our sponsors’ premises, internships and so forth). The Award ceremony takes place during USAIRE’s Thanksgiving gala dinner in November, milestone event of the Aerospace community in Paris.


In 10 years, the Award has proven to be a priceless stepping stone toward employment in the Aerospace sector:

  • To the Student who are already specialised in Aerospace, the Award is an opportunity to demonstrate their excellence, and to get to know their future employers.
  • To the others, the Award represents a rare opportunity to get a foothold in the fascinating world of Aerospace, and to forge their own path into it.